019: Supercharging Your Life in Mind and Body with Van Pavlik

In this episode of The Miracle You, our host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Van Pavlik talk about sexual dysfunction. Join Vince and Van while they reveal that sex is much more than just something physical and understanding how to improve that part of your life.

Van Pavlik

With over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness field, Van Pavlik “The Holistic Sexual Health Mentor” has helped countless clients over these many years.

With decades of experience in the fields of physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and herbal remedies, Van specializes in helping men and women naturally boost their energy, libido, and bedroom performance without dieting, doing excessive exercise, or using pharmaceuticals.

His unique and powerful system not only teaches individuals how to help themselves but how to help their partner as well in a way that is under the radar and non-confrontational.

Van experienced his own significant libido, sexual performance, and relationship problems around 5 years ago and set out diligently researching holistic solutions to address the root cause of these issues which he developed into a powerful 5 step system called “The Ultimate Sexual Vitality Solution.”

This system completely obliterates mediocre and infrequent sex and transforms clients into the most elite and amazing lovers on the planet, blowing their partner’s mind every time.

Van is on a mission to help a million men and women naturally supercharge their sexual energy in a way that is both healthy and sustainable so that they can have absolutely incredible sex lives for the rest of their lives!

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Website: https://www.ultimatevitalitysolution.com/

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vitalitysolution

Three Key Points:

It’s important to be present in the moment. Energy affects us, and the stresses of our lives affects us.

We are multi-dimensional beings, and for us to release each of these dimensions, we can’t have judgements on ourselves. We can’t feel like other people have judgement on us. Especially in times of intimacy, and times when we are the most vulnerable.

Sex provides a unique opportunity that almost nothing else will. People who are experiencing sexual problems think that it’s impossible to fix their issues. Then they see their sexual dysfunctions are no longer there, and they become a much better lover in-tuned with the moment during intercourse. It’s totally possible to overcome issues with libido, erectile disfunction, performance issues, premature ejaculation, and much more.

Show Notes:

4:25 — Van Pavlik shares his mission to help people have incredible sex lives for the rest of their lives. He’s extremely passionate about that, from improving people’s sexual health, to helping them become amazing lovers.

5:52 — We are very repressed sexually, and it’s been that way for a lot of history. Van shares that this repression hides who we really are and our self-expression. That makes us disconnect from ourselves.

9:41 — Van shares that thoughts about sexual dysfunction, or sexual problems are very common.

11:20 — Physical and non-physical issues can cause sexual problems. Van shares that sex is primarily mental. You do need to have your hormones in place, the circulation needs to be good, etc. Part of it’s physical, but a lot of it is also very mental.

12:51 — One of the keys to overcoming some sexual performance issues is to not worry about the performance during intercourse. Van Pavlik reveals some techniques and ways to overcome certain sexual problems.

15:23 — Van was experiencing some problems himself. A friend who was experiencing even worse problems and opened up to him, made Van realize a wake-up call. It led him down a path of figuring out how to fix his sexual problems and become the much better lover.

21:41 — When Van realized that people have been talking about sexual problems for a while and that it’s a very common thing, he felt much better about himself. He realized that there is hope, and there are many people who have overcame a variety of sexual dysfunctions.

22:57 — A strange, yet incredibly interesting story led Van to changing someone’s life. He shares how it happened, and why it was the biggest miracle in Van’s life.

25:20 — By being authentic and expressing what he really wants to be doing (a.k.a. his mission), Van is sharing the miracle of him with the world. It wasn’t easy for him to start, and it probably wasn’t easy the entire journey. Van Pavlik did it, and he continues to live the life that he’s most passionate about.

31:00 — Many of us are repressed sexually, but if we can release that it allows us to grow in phenomenal ways. This repression holds you back from expressing yourself authentically.

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