186: Winning is Simple with Jason Skeesick

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast,  your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest talk about the power of a dynasty. Jason shares his journey to help good companies become a long lasting dynasty by empowering the business owner to become a scientist. Jason helps us see the possibilities in that process.

Jason Skeesick

Jason is a US Army veteran, coach, and an entrepreneurial evangelist. He is a father, husband, fighter, and carrier of heavy things. 

His company Spear and Clover helps businesses with good leaders, talented teams, and strong playbooks go from perennial contenders to championship dynasties. 

You can find Jason hosting the weekly Spear and Clover Podcast available on Youtube and across all audio platforms.

Episode Resources:

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Three Key Points:

There are no mistakes or coincidences in life and if we can dream something we can achieve it or become it. You are drawn to where you are meant to be in a way that is undeniable.

Getting to that place whether it is your health, your happiness or your abundance is only a few questions away. They might not be easy questions, but if you can find your answers the doors to greatness opens.

The only person that can truly get in your way is you. Many times that obstacles is a belief. It maybe the desire to stay comfortable. Comfort only comes from staying the same for a short time. You are meant to grow and expand.

Show Notes:

4:33 – Jason shares with us his early years and how they have been instrumental in his life and the choices he has made.

8:59 – We learn the thing that happened in Jason’s life that moved him towards his gym and the coaching work that he does.

11:15 – Jason shares how his life experiences have played a part in his starting his business and have added to his success.

14:00 – Get the definition of what a dynasty organization is and how it is formed through foundations.

16:05 – Building the foundation starts with being able to answer the questions for yourself and your business.

17:42 – Shares how people differ in how and when they are ready to answer the questions that will help them build their foundation.

19:35 – We talk about the comfort zone and how to get out of it.

20:25 – Jason shares some of the results that the people and organizations he has worked with have had.

24:44 – Jason shares how bosses and owners can prepare themselves to go to the next level.

26:35 – We discuss how to know and understand your gifts and how then use them to achieve your goals or desires.

29:34 – We get a valuable piece of guidance and a new understanding in move into a willingness.

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