187: Repetition Is Reputation with Kym Yancey

Join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles on this episode of The Miracle You and his special guest Kym Yancey of eWomen Network and Celebrity Science. Vince and Kym discuss the importance of branding your self authentically to best show up in the marketplace. Kym shares his story and the journey he took to making the impact he is on the world.

Kym Yancey

Kym Yancey ranks among the top branding experts in North America and delivers a uniquely powerful presentation that will inspire you and forever change the way you unfold your brand to the world. He is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 200 awards for advertising, branding, and creative excellence.  Kym says, “Your brand has far more potential than you ever imagined and its waiting for you to claim its power!”

Kym’s illustrious career includes being a gold-record-winning composer and producer with the legendary funk band SUN, where he was signed to Capitol Records as the drummer. His band frequently appeared on Soul Train and in sold-out concerts throughout North and South America in the ’70s and early ’80s. [YouTube search: SUN on Soul Train]

He parlayed his music skills into advertising and launched one of the top multicultural advertising agencies in the United States.

He is the creator and executive producer of The Glow Project A powerful film heralded as “one of the most inspiring movies ever created for women,” says the Orlando Film Festival.

Today he is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of  eWomenNetwork, the #1 Women’s Business Network with over 500,000 women connected through 118 chapters spread across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK. He is also the Founder and Executive Producer of Celebrity Science, an innovative personal branding and influencer make-over firm.

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Official Website:  ewomennetwork.com

Facebook:  @KymYancey

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Three Key Points:

You are unique and special and that is what sets you apart from other people, other businesses and your relationships. When you share from that space and people see the real you, you attract the people that are looking for you.

There are so many ways you can show up in the world and the more authentic you can be the more you will be known, loved and trusted.

Your authenticity can be see in the colors you use in your marketing, clothes and decorating. The words you use let people know who you are and they relate to them. When you match what you use and share with the world to you and the essence of who you are.

Show Notes:

3:17 – We learn about Kym’s music career and some of the things that he learned and used as he later moved into the advertising , branding, and marketing world.

7:40 – Kym describes his path from the band and into deciding to why and when he made the decision to move into marketing and branding.

18:57 – We learn how Kym decided on the next move and how he and his wife Sandra were looking for a network and that led to a business.

23:31 – Celebrity Science is how Kym is living his purpose and he helps entrepreneurs brand themselves in alignment with who they truly are.

32:36 – You can see some of Kym’s work and how it has upped the games of the people have worked with him.

37:39 – Get a couple of questions to ask yourself to evaluate your branding and marketing.

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