204: Waking Up With Vince and Mary – Why Me?

In this special episode of The Miracle You podcast, join your hosts, Vince Kramer and Mary Kramer of Imagine Miracles, while they talk about and share with us about beliefs and emotional energy. Learn how our beliefs aren’t real and how our emotions tell us when we are out of alignment. They discuss how you can use your new understanding to live life in a new way.

Mary Kramer - Awakening Podcast Series

Mary’s journey into her role as a highly sought after Self-Reflection Guide began with an eye opening visit to her cardiologist. It was revealed to Mary that the picture-perfect life in which she thought she was thriving in was actually the reason for her stress and a worsening heart condition. This is where she experienced a moment of choice in which she opted to change her life in order to survive.

These changes led her on a spiritual journey where she learned to access her own modalities and vibrations, resulting in unlocking the life she was meant to live as an individual as well as the life she was meant to share with her husband, Vince, serving others to achieve a life of passion and purpose.

Mary shares her life experience in her teachings as a way to inspire people to get to know themselves and live an empowered life of their design. Having been recognized for her intuitive connection to people’s hearts, Mary shines as a guide that aids her students in exploring their inner makeup to reframe their thoughts and circumstantial perceptions so they can vibrate at a higher level to experience divine connection and joy in their lives.

From Airline Pilot, Military Veteran, Corporate Exec and Entrepreneur to a transformational teacher/guide and clear conscious channel, Vince Kramer brings a unique experience to the world of self-improvement and purpose-driven growth by combining science and spirituality. His past experience in stereotypically regimented fields brings a more integrated perspective to the InwardVince Kramer aspects of personal growth not often seen. 

As a speaker, teacher, coach, clear conscious channel, and best-selling author of Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield, Vince’s distinct combination of experience, education and research helps him develop powerful talks, workshops and online training in finding success and fulfillment by living life by their design. 

Vince passionately believes everyone is unique and the creator of their own life and success. It is his desire to inspire and empower men, women, organizations, businesses, and families to find success and happiness by designing and creating a life fueled by their desires. 

Vince has over 35 years of experience training and coaching people in leadership, personal growth and transformation. He co-founded Imagine Miracles with his wife and business partner Mary, to educate and train leaders and people of all walks of life how to discover, design, create, and live their miracle in every aspect of their lives and businesses. Vince wrote and produced the Miracle Life Series of online training programs and associated workshops based on the C.R.E.A.T.E. Model and the Your Unique Purpose Formula.

Three Key Points:

We all have the power to choose how we react to our beliefs, thoughts, and the voices in our minds.

Many of us adopt unhealthy beliefs and coping mechanisms when we’re at a young age. These methods of coping can be destructive to our egos.

Negative feelings and emotions are low-vibrational energy, and positive ones are high-vibrational energy.

Show Notes:

5:19 — Vince Kramer shares that as the observer of your life, you’re truly the creator of your reality.

6:34 — Mary Kramer talks about what to do about your thoughts and voices in your head. Vince mentions that the “voices” in your head are really your personalities and sub-personalities.

7:36 — The voices in your head represent different parts of your ego and personality that help protect you and Vince shares a personal example of how this happens.

10:26 — “The observer” is that part of us that has the power to choose between the empowering and disempowering voices from our ego. The ego isn’t a bad thing, it’s what helps us create.

12:46 — Looking at circumstances from the point of view of the observer you can use free will to decide what your thoughts are going to be and decide how your thoughts and feelings come together.

13:17 — Sharing an experience of what it really means to stay “present,” Mary reveals how she was able to stay in the moment during a time she was feeling very angry.

18:42 — Most of our beliefs form before we were seven years old. Vince shares more about how our beliefs shape and mold our reality.

23:33 — When Vince was around five years old, he too developed unhealthy beliefs due to negative circumstances with his parents. He reveals more into detail about how he handled it.

26:56 — The observer is choosing a perception that is more conducive to you experiencing the emotions of happiness, joy, hopefulness, etc. In these emotions, that’s where you’re experiencing the higher vibrations.

28:00 — Vince touches on the topic of our higher selves, and the power of being able to tap into our higher selves.

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