205: Live your Authentic Life with Vince and Andrea Lee

Trapped in a cycle of societal expectations and self-doubt, Vince Kramer had all but forgotten his childhood dreams. Little did he know a series of unexpected events would lead him to an incredible transformation that would ultimately challenge him to share his unique gift with the world. But what was his purpose, and could he find the courage to embrace it?

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your guest host Andrea J Lee as she interviews regular host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles. In this two-episode interview, Andrea interviews Vince and the energies he channels the Round Table. In this episode, Andrea asks Vince parts of his story on how and why he co-founded Imagine Miracles and how he came to channel the Round Table.


From Airline Pilot, Military Veteran, Corporate Exec and Entrepreneur to a transformational teacher/guide and clear conscious channel, Vince Kramer brings a unique experience to the world of self-improvement and purpose-driven growth by combining science and spirituality. His past experience in stereotypically regimented fields brings a more integrated perspective to the InwardVince Kramer aspects of personal growth not often seen.

As a speaker, teacher, coach, clear conscious channel, and best-selling author of Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield, Vince’s distinct combination of experience, education and research helps him develop powerful talks, workshops and online training in finding success and fulfillment by living life by their design.

Vince passionately believes everyone is unique and the creator of their own life and success. It is his desire to inspire and empower men, women, organizations, businesses, and families to find success and happiness by designing and creating a life fueled by their desires.

Vince has over 35 years of experience training and coaching people in leadership, personal growth and transformation. He co-founded Imagine Miracles with his wife and business partner Mary, to educate and train leaders and people of all walks of life how to discover, design, create, and live their miracle in every aspect of their lives and businesses. Vince wrote and produced the Miracle Life Series of online training programs and associated workshops based on the C.R.E.A.T.E. Model and the Your Unique Purpose Formula.

Guest Host:

Andrea J Lee Guest hostMeet Andrea J Lee, an influential coach and entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to helping others find their true calling and align with their purpose. With a unique blend of empathy and practicality, Andrea has empowered countless individuals to embrace their authentic selves and create lasting change in their lives. As a guest on The Miracle You, she shares her inspiring journey of self-discovery, the importance of embracing one’s unique gifts, and the transformative power of saying “yes” to life’s challenges. With her extensive experience and passion for personal growth, Andrea is the perfect guide to help spiritually-curious individuals embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

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Three Key Points:

Unleash your hidden talents by overcoming the judgments and limitations society imposes on you. Discover how to find and utilize your unique gifts to fulfill your personal purpose.

Recognize your wake-up calls in life and take decisive action to claim your true potential. Prepare yourself for impending energy shifts and transformational journeys.

Delve into the world of spirituality while cultivating self-acceptance as you pursue your aspirations. Learn to counter societal judgments and channel your inner abilities for personal growth.

Show Notes:

01:02 – Andrea J Lee interviews Vince Kramer about Imagine Miracles, The Miracle You, and the journey that led him to where he is today.

09:08 – Vince discusses his book, “Awakening Through Moments of Choice,” which tells the story of his journey towards finding his purpose in life and how the Roundtable helped him along the way.

11:28 – Andrea asks Vince about what it’s like to be a channel and how he initially struggled to accept this gift. Vince shares his journey towards accepting and sharing his gift with the world.

15:24 – Vince discusses the importance of embracing authenticity and how it was a turning point for him in sharing his gift with the world despite the fear of not being accepted.

17:23 – Vince explains how channeling the highest frequency of energy stream can take away the separation and duality that exist in society.

22:04 – Vince shares some beginner steps to tap into your own guidance. He suggests researching active imagination, voice dialogue and conscious discovery exercises to get the answers from all three parts of you.

Imagine Miracles Resources:

  1. Your Unique Purpose Formula: Vince’s Five-Step Process to Discover Your Purpose and Your Miracle Life.
  2. C.R.E.A.T.E Model: Vince’s Six Steps to Creating and Living the Life that You Desire.
  3. Free Chapter: From Vince’s Best-selling Book Sharing the Four Things You Don’t Know Keeping You From Living a Miracle Life.