128: Silence Teaches with Rich Lewis

In this episode of the Miracle U podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, Vince talks with guest Rich Lewis about the practice of silent prayer. Rich gives his insight into the power of silence and how it has made a difference in his life and the lives of people he has coached.

Rich LewisRich Lewis is an author, speaker and coach who focuses on centering prayer as a means of inner transformation. He teaches centering prayer in both his local and virtual community and offers one-on-one coaching. Rich’s newest book is titled, Sitting with God: A Journey To Your True Self Through Centering Prayer.

He publishes a weekly meditation, book reviews, and interviews on his site, Silence Teaches. He has published articles for a number of organizations, including Contemplative Light, Abbey of the Arts, Contemplative Outreach, EerdWord, In Search of a New Eden, the Ordinary Mystic at Patheos, and the Contemplative Writer. Rich has been a daily practitioner of centering prayer since June 1, 2014. Centering prayer has been so life-giving and life-changing that he feels compelled to share his journey with others who wish to learn more.

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Twitter: @Richlewis01

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Three Key Points:

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to learn how to tap into your knowingness, your guidance. There are opportunities and messages being presented to us at all times and if we aren’t ready to receive them, we can miss them all together.

One of the most effective way to receive this guidance is by quieting the mind. When we have the chatter about the past and future filling our minds, there is no room for us to hear the guidance. Scientists say that we have four billion pieces of information bombarding us a day, but we only are consciously aware of about two thousand.

When you are grounded and centered from the practice of science, you are better prepared to move forward on this things that are most important to you. It gives you the opportunity for you to live life instead of life living you.

Show Notes:

3:57 – Rich shares what he is doing to bring the importance of having a silence practice into your life and how his journey began.

6:54 – Leaving the work force to be a stay at home dad started the understanding of the need for a silence practice and how he came to start it.

8:57 – Learn where Rich became intrigued with silence and how he found peace in it and how to use it.

10:01 – How centering prayer has changed Rich’s life and what is it actually. Learn techniques that Rich uses in his practice.

14:07 – Rich describes the difference between centering prayer and transcendental meditation.

15:56 – Centering prayer has helped Rich evolve in every area of his life. It has motivated him to get out to people.

19:09 – Rich describes the people he works with around centering prayer and more about his coaching.

23:55 – With a Divine Intent of sharing centering prayer and to help others find the best practice for them.

25:32 – Learn how Rich’s early life prepared him to take the centering prayer more effectively in the world.

27:45 – How Rich brings his divine intent together with all aspects of his life in making a difference in the world.

29:48 – Rich shares how vital it is to take a daily dose of silence to give yourself time to become better at your doing.

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