Bonus: Focused Intuition with Susan McNeill Spuhler

Join us for the bonus episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Susan McNeill Spuhler. Vince and Susan discuss how we all have an amazing gift of intuition and how Susan shares hers through dowsing.

Susan Spuhler

Susan is an Industrial Engineer and has been dowsing for over 30 years, successfully finding wells for clients throughout the northeastern United States as well as California.  

She also finds lost items and clears geopathic stress from properties.  She is the Co-Director of the West Coast Dowsers Conference and the newly resurrected Flagstaff Dowsers Conference (formerly the Southwest Dowsers Conference) 

Susan learned to dowse at Stonehenge, by chance, as there was a bus tour that had dowsing rods and they were dowsing the stones. Susan is a Life Member of the Ozark Research Institute and encourages you to join.

Episode Resources:

Official Website: dowserswestcoast.org

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 978.340.9304

Three Key Points:

We all have abilities well beyond what we can imagine. Sometimes we don’t even know to look for them and other times they are taken away from us because they make the people in our lives uncomfortable.

You can tap into this inner knowingness in many different ways. This gift has shown up in your life before. You may have called it your intuition or a gut feeling. No matter what you call it you are tapping into the energy of the now.

You can also develop and fine tune your ability to tap in and find the answers to some of your most challenging questions. There are many different ways to find your answers and as you learn these different ways, you improve your connection and can get deeper answers using more advanced techniques.

Show Notes:

3:11 – Susan shares her passion with us about dowsing and the organizations she co-chairs.

5:20 – We learn about Susan’s education and profession and how she moved into the world of dowsing.

7:02 – Learn how Susan dealt with being in the world of science and what might be considered woo woo.

8:02 – Susan tells us that dowsing is focused intuition and that our body is dowsing all the time.

11:11 – Susan answers the question, “Do we all have intuition?” And shares how it shows up in our lives.

14:22 – Learn how important is to dowse in the now and be serious about using your gift.

16:20 – Learn the importance of choosing questions in a way that you can use yes or no to get your answers.

19:28 – Learn how dowsing the future isn’t necessarily beneficial to you, there are too many variables to ensure you get an answer that won’t change.

22:42 – We all have intuition and can tap into the energy around us. Susan shares a way to start and develop your intuition.

28:00 – Susan tells us about what she would like to see in the future for dowsing and making it available to more people.

29:35 – Susan tells us about the upcoming Dowsing conference.

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