161: Life in Balance with Nikole Stanfield

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles discusses with his special guest Nikole Stanfield the importance of balance in your life. Vince and Nikole talk about Nikole’s story and how it led her to the coaching profession and helping others find balance.

Nikole Stanfield

Since 2014 Nikole has owned her own business and worked to improve herself through personal development. After personally experiencing burnout she now helps successful entrepreneurs who struggle to take time away from their business to create a sustainable work-life balance.

She believes that at times both her and her clients coaching and in the end, it is not her job to know what is best for you or to give you advice. Her job is to create an open environment where you feel safe to create and explore opportunities that may seem wild and crazy.

It is also her job is to help shift your energy, uncover truths, and delve deeper into events and unconscious responses. Then she chooses to step back and let you talk your way through the experience.

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Three Key Points:

Despite what you think or may have been told you aren’t here on earth to do it alone.  We are meant to be in community, one that supports us in everything we do.

We also should find people to bring on our team that can support us at a deeper level. Coaches, mentors and guides can help us find direction in living the life we are meant to live.

It is important when you find someone to fill these necessary positions for your growth that they are in alignment with you and can help you find your answers. It is essential that you uncover your answers.

Show Notes:

4:08 – Meet Nikole Stanfield and learn how she is making a difference in the world.

7:08 – Burnout at 30 years old got Nikole’ attention and how she learned how it wasn’t an easy fix.

8:22 – Learning that her current life wasn’t serving her and even though it was easy, she needed to let it go.

13:24 – Nikole shares the steps she took to grow and expand beyond those things that were limiting her.

16:31 – Learn when Nikole decided she wanted to be a coach and help others get the support she had.

19:32 – Her experience with her coach helped her decide how she wanted to show up as a coach for others.

24:36 – Nikole shares how she found her coach and why the relationship has been beneficial.

29:35 – We learn what Nikole expertise is and how she can assist others as their coach.

32:53 – Get a parting piece of guidance from Nikole in understanding you hav time.

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