007: Living Life Authentically with Justin Bailey

In this episode of The Miracle You join Justin Bailey and your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles as they discuss living life authentically. Learn about beliefs and how our perceptions are based on these beliefs that we hold to be true. Justin shares how his mission in life is to help men find their truth and life life based on it through his group “Code of Character. It is an eye opening journey for both men and women.

Justin bailey

Justin Bailey of the Code of Character is a living example of self-discovery and personal understanding. I really respect what this man is bringing to the world and awakening in men. Justin is a husband, father, Soldier and lover of sports. He believes that Character is when our actions are aligned with our values…over a sustained period of time. Justin has noticed in his own life, as well as, in over a decade of leadership positions, that when men fail to live a life of Character, it is never a knowledge issue. We simply fail to do the things we know we should be doing, for various reasons. He founded the Code of Character platform to help guide others and himself, on a consistent path toward the vision we create for ourselves.

Episode Resources:

Facebook: Code of Character, https://www.facebook.com/groups/CodeOfCharacter/

Three Key Points:

Our beliefs aren’t real. They were formed at a very young age based on opinions and beliefs from those people in our life that wanted to help us live life in the way they thought would be best for us.

When we come up short and feel like we are failing, 90% of the time it isn’t a knowledge problem. It is because we choose to not do the things that we should be doing.

There are many things that happen in our lives that we know aren’t right and should be better, yet we tend to ignore them and believe that you don’t need to pay attention.

Show Notes:

3:30 – Justin shares with us how important it is for him to be a husband and a father and why he takes it so seriously.

5:05 – Justin shares his beliefs on why we fall short or feel that we are failing in life.

6:05 – The example that you become in the world is and must be powerful in making a difference.

7:20 – Justin shares his mission is working with men and how that is accomplished through the Code of Character. His second mission is to build a bridge between people who are different.

9:06 – Justin shares his challenges and what prepared him to meet them as he lives his mission.

11:38 – There were many signs that Justin had a long the way that he didn’t pay attention to, but finally, a separation got his attention.

15:15 – Justin shares how the pain of his wake up drove him to change the rules, but he didn’t realize or understand that at the time.

18:53 – Justin shares how he is bringing his gifts and talents to his world and the miracle of his awakening.

22:05 – I have a discussion with Justin about selfish and how you have to come from the place of self and how it helps you bring the magic of you.

24:00 – Justin shares what is next for him and the Code of Character and the importance of bringing it to the people who really need to be a part of the Code.

31:00 – Justin shares a valuable piece of communication guidance on life and being a father.

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