008: Finding Purpose in Tragedy with Suzanne Falter

In this episode of The Miracle You join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles as his special guest Suzanne Falter shares her story of love and her personal journey from the death of her daughter to being a “Leader in Light.” Suzanne shares the many signs that led her on a journey of healing and eventually sharing the importance of “self care” with women around the world.

Suzanne Falter

Suzanne Falter is an author and speaker who helps anyone who is suffering to find true joy and fulfillment again.

After losing her 22 year old daughter, Teal, in 2012, Suzanne’s work shifted significantly as she found her own way back to joy, peace and balance. Suzanne helps those who are suffering from trauma, grief, and burnout to find wholeness and fulfillment again.

As a blogger, Suzanne writes weekly parables about love, loss and letting go, informed by her own experience.

As a novelist, she writes funny, engaging thrillers featuring LGBT characters on learning paths of their own.

As a speaker, Suzanne currently shares her story of being a donor Mom and the importance of self-care with organ procurement professionals.

Episode Resources:

Website: www.suzannefalter.com

Mini-course: www.suzannefalter/yourselfcare

Facebook Group: Self Care for Extremely Busy Women

Three Key Points:

We are being given divine guidance at all times. This guidance comes from many sources and sometimes from places that we could never imagine. Being willing to hear that guidance is very important in living our purpose.

In some of the most difficult times in life our eyes are opened the widest and if follow the inner knowingness we are put on our path to living the life we were meant to live.

Listening to the calling you receive and following through with bringing your gifts and talents to those who are looking for you and what you have to share.

Show Notes:

7:20 – Suzanne shares the series of wake-up calls that opened her eyes to jus moving through life be successful but not fulfilled.

8:25 – She shares the devastating story of the loss of her daughter and how it changed her path.

9:59 – Suzanne shares the knowing that she was going to fulfill her purpose and her daughter’s purpose when she walked into her daughter’s hospital room.

11:00 – Suzanne shares her divine intent of first learning personal self care and then sharing it with the world.

14:10 – Through her own personal struggles, Suzanne developed an understanding of how important self care is and how to best share it with others.

15:32 – Suzanne shares how loving and being lovable was instrumental in her journey.

16:51 – The synchronicity of bringing the message of self care to the organ procurement committee.

18:40 – How Suzanne was able to bring herself back to her journey with the help of the guidance and support she received from the most unexpected place.

21:49 – A letter written 6 months before her daughter’s death delivers a powerful message.

22:52 – The message in the bottom of her inbox reminded her of her partner as Leaders in Light.

25:25 – The vulnerability that we allow ourselves to experience is what heals us. The power of forgives brings even more healing.

28:40 – Suzanne shares how she is going to bring her daughters legacy to the world through her next book and the dream of it coming to film.

33:00 – Suzanne share’s one of her daughter’s channeled quotes as her parting guidance, “Be and You’ll Know.”

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