067: Living in Your Lane with Kristin Clark

On this episode of The Miracle You join Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and Kristin Clark while they talk about how to find passion and purpose within your own life, instead of finding disappointment and dissatisfaction in the lives of others.

Kristin Clark is known as the student success coach. She is seasoned marketing expert, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, mentor, public speaker, entrepreneur and commissioned artist. She ran corporate marketing departments for twenty years and over the last eight years has been the most requested coach through Everwise, a professional mentoring company. 

Through these experiences Kristin found her love for mentoring young people. She founded Kristin Clark Coaching and has been working with high school students to help guide them to determine the right college major and ultimately a career they love. 

Kristin helps students determine if college is their next best step or if their goals can be attained through trade schools or jumping feet first into a career. Her goal is to help them find and navigate through a career path they will enjoy and love throughout their life.

Episode Resources:

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Three Key Points:

Everyone one of us has something unique to offer that none of the other 7.7 billion people in the world can offer. It’s a combination of gifts and talents brought together in a process that is truly uniquely theirs.

It’s a parent’s job to make sure their children are safe and successful. Unfortunately, however, we don’t know what’s going on inside of them. Even if we talk to them on a regular basis, we don’t truly know what they’re thinking. Parents can’t always protect their children.

Many people don’t want to stay in their own lane, but it’s when you enjoy your lane and bring the best of yourself out to the world where you’re able to have the most fun out of life.

Show Notes:

5:23 – As a mother of 2, Kristin Clark shares what’s going on in her life and in the mentoring world. How there’s such a high level of anxiety going on with kids. When kids go to college, but they don’t have a purpose then anxiety builds up.

8:15 – If you look at how we got here and what’s happening with kids in this generation, we’re living in a trophy generation. Kids understood that they got the prizes or trophies, but didn’t earn them. That backfired on parents in this generation because now kids grow up with the expectation that they have to perform to really earn that trophy. We’ve also not given them an opportunity to fail and learn from failure.

10:38 – With a divine intent of helping young people figure out what their passion and purpose is in their lives. What will happen when we find out what’s right with people, instead of what’s wrong with them.

13:51 – Kristin’s mission is to help people do what they’re naturally talented at. She shares that she knows people in their 50s who still don’t know what they want to do with their lives.

15:30 – Even though Kristin was excellent and a top performer in her career, she was physically and mentally drained. Doctors would tell her that she’s fine, yet she had difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings and dreaded going to work. That’s the start of her realization that she wasn’t living her true purpose.

18:20 – Parents are a huge influence on their kids through various stages of their lives. When you ask children to make decisions based on a college major, it stunts their creativity regarding what they want to do. Instead ask them “what do you like to do? What are your friends doing when you’re not in school?” They have lots of ideas, and they will reveal it.

24:15 – When she started thinking about the things she did right and how she influenced people, rather than what she was doing wrong, Kristin had a pivotal change once she realized that not everyone thinks the same. 

26:14 – Once Kristin realized that she was always steps ahead of people when it came to even the most mundane conversations, her power of influence had people believing that she knew what she was doing so they’d follow along. Then she understood it better which allowed her to slow down and build better relationships with others.

29:22 – We should have a belief in society that everyone is acting on their best intentions. If we did that then we would have a lot more grace.

31:20 – Sharing one last piece of parting guidance, Kristin reveals that you should enjoy your lane, stay in your lane as much as you can, and be yourself. Everybody else is taken.

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