141: Into Possibility with Joey Drolshagen

In this episode of The Miracle U, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles introduces you to an executive life coach, Joey Drolshagen. Vince and Joey discussed how we should let go of the concept of lack in order to find the happiness and fulfillment that you deserve. The universe offers endless possibilities and the only thing keeping you from tapping into that is yourself.

Joey has carved his own path in the coaching world, and has ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to career transitions. From pilot to builder, from climbing the corporate ladder up to Vice President of Sales over multiple corporations, and now taking the coaching industry by storm as “THE MAN” to see if you’re ready to transition out of a job you can’t stand.

Using his 28+ years of experience in Corporate, and knowing how it feels to want out, he has paved the way for others in the same position to step past their fears and hang ups, and step into entrepreneurship, within months, then quickly scale to over 6-figures, replacing their current income.

And, after decades of studying, implementing and developing, the SMT™ Method was formed. He now helps individuals break down the blocks that have been holding them hostage, and align with their deepest desires to easily create lives of purpose, lived with passion and fulfillment through shifting and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

As an executive life coach, Joey has helped hundreds of individuals transition out of their jobs, and move into entrepreneurship with incredible success, and he can help you too!

Episode Resources:

Official Website: https://www.josephadrolshagen.com/

Free Gift: https://www.coachingthepros.com/

Free Gift: https://www.coachwithjoey.com/

Facebook: @JADrolshagen

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Instagram: @joey_pros_coach

Three Key Points:

We are moving into a new paradigm. One that is “we” printed vs “I” printed. In this paradigm shift a lot of the old ways won’t work. They won’t support you in finding the happiness and fulfillment that is calling you and that you deserve.

One of the concepts of the old paradigm that is ready to be let go is the concept of lack. We have been taught that everything is limited. We have been taught that there is only so much and you have to fight to get your fair share.

The truth, the universe is full of unlimited possibility and the only thing keeping us from tapping into that unlimitedness is ourselves. The conditioning that we have experienced in our lives is what is holding us back. When you master your mind you can easily move beyond what is holding you back.

Show Notes:

4:40 – Joey talked about how he traded his wing for flying airplanes for getting certified in hand guiding.

6:38 – Listen as he shared how he helps hundreds of people understand that conditioning that limits you.

8:29 – Learn what happened in Joey’s life that changed his direction in life and opened the door to living his passion.

13:21 – Snippets from Joey’s book that can help people ask the right questions to finally move forward.

15:41 – What Joey uses to help his clients stop going back to that conditioning, to that belief system, and to that ego programming.

20:12 – Joey shared that he doesn’t have answers, but he specializes on helping people identify their path.

22:18 – How can someone be aware that things will flow for themselves, and once it did, how can you take actions for it?

25:52 – What does perception shifting means? How do you move forward from a belief that was based on a perception that you had in the moment?

28:11 – Joey talks about the law of attraction and how it is unique for every individual.

30:18 – What Joey believes is the most important thing for people to take away from today’s episode to help you be open for endless possibilities.

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