146: Living Your Miracle with Melissa Mayer

In this episode of The Miracle You, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles introduces you to a Holistic Physical Therapist and author of the book, ‘Recovering My True Self”, Melissa Mayer. Vince and Melissa talked about how you are meant for so much more and moving fully into understanding that our connection gives us access to more of the unlimited possibilities.

Melissa Mayer

Melissa Mayer received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2006 from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and worked for many years as a physical therapist in New York City. She now works as a holistic physical therapist and is also a mother, writer and activist. Melissa has spent the majority of her life faithfully searching, contemplating, studying, and traveling.

Along the way allowing in love, self awareness, and adventure, which have led to growth, expansion and freedom. She is eternally grateful for all the miracles in her life, excited at the opportunity to share this journey with others, and eager for more! She spends her days caring for her family, treating patients, walking, writing, meditating, doing yoga, and going to the beach. Melissa lives happily ever after (on most days) on the spiritual path in Hampton Bays, New York, with her husband and two daughters.

Episode Resources:

Official Website: https://www.melissamayer.org/

Instagram: @melmayevolve

Facebook: @melissa.anthony.7

Twitter: @Melissa56449176

Email: [email protected]

Three Key Points:

No matter where you are in your life right now, no matter how much you have achieved, you are meant for more. The life on earth that we have chosen isn’t about working to a goal or end item and taking the rest of our life off.

We are meant to grow and expand. We are meant to learn and experience, becoming more and more of who we are meant to be. As we open ourselves to the experiences that we create in our lives, we create the opportunities for connection.

We live in a holistic and holographic universe. Just like the parable of a drop of water and the ocean, the whole of the universe is in each and everyone of us and we each make up the universe. As we move fully into that understanding our connection gives us access to more of the unlimited possibilities.

Show Notes:

3:39 – Melissa shared about her work, not just as a holistic physical therapy, but as a whole.

6:12 – She talked about being the kidney donor to her husband and how the surgery urged her divine wake up.

9:45 – Melissa opened her eyes and she talked about the changes this brought upon her family and work life.

12:25 – She shared the preparation she did before she opened up herself to endless possibilities and how they changed things in her life.

15:03 – Melissa shared more about the parts of her book, “Recovering My True Self”.

17:55 – She talked about her book, “Recovering My True Self”, and the mission behind the project.

21:49 – Melissa started to bring more of her spirituality and she shared the process of how her clients accepted that perception.

23:27 – How she navigated through that perception and how it was accepted by her peers.

25:16 – She shared more about the process she does for clients and how they can feel Melissa’s and the world’s support for them.

26:24 – Melissa talked about how you are your best healer and why it is the most important parting piece of guidance from the podcast.

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