149: Expose the Shadows with Emerald Wilkins

Welcome to this episode of The Miracle You Podcast with your host Vince Kramer and his special guest Emerald Wilkins. Vince and Emerald discuss the shadow and how our shadows are roadblocks in living the life we desire. Learn more about how we limit ourselves with them.

Emerald Wilkins

Emerald is a life-coach and consciousness work facilitator who has worked with hundreds of clients. She has a YouTube channel called The Diamond Net which covers topics under the umbrella of spirituality and psychology. 

If you’re looking to understand more about yourself and the human condition, then Emerald and the Diamond net are what you are looking for

Her videos and services give practical tools, alternate mindsets, and processes to help you work through issues that many people face at some point in their life. 

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Official Website:  thediamondnet.org

Facebook:  @TheDiamondNet

Email:  [email protected]

Three Key Points:

As a young child, we begin to form our personality almost immediately. We notice how we are treated by others, we decide what it takes to get our needs met, we choose what we think is acceptable and unacceptable to others and we form our EGO or our personality.

This main personality is our operating system for life. There are parts of ourselves that we come to believe are unacceptable or we don’t want to allow ourselves to be. Or, they may be things that resulted in us experiencing trauma from. We choose to hide or bury them, so no one can see them.

These buried aspects of ourselves were termed shadows by Carl Jung. Our shadows can affect us in many ways. They can be roadblocks to keep us stuck or causes us to self-sabotage. They can destroy friendships and derail you in any aspect of life. They can cause health issues if not uncovered.

Show Notes:

3:57 – Today’s guest Emerald Wilkins share what she shares with her clients and who those clients are.

6:30 – Our guest share what happened throughout her life to help her cope with her lack of safe love and how she used it to move towards her purpose.

16:46 – Learn Emerald’s definition of the shadow and the how and why of forming them.

20:26 – Learn how Emerald helps her clients discover and shine light on their shadows.

23:10 – Emerald shares the most common aspects of ourselves that we have suppressed into the shadow.

26:36 – Learn how Emerald brings Tarot cards into her work with the people she works with in helping them move forward.

29:28 – Emerald shares the importance of understanding how important it is to be aware that the shadow has a great effect on the body.

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