158: Empowered Families with Trish Wilkinson

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles with his special guest Trish Wilkinson.  In this interview, Trish shares the importance of understanding the brain and how it affects your family dynamics and relationships with yourself and your children.

Trish Wilkinson

Trish Wilkinson is a speaker, parent coach, mom of two, veteran teacher, and coauthor of Brain Stages: How to Raise Smart, Confident Kids and Have Fun Doing It. Few parenting journeys are easy, but besides the “regular” issues raising children, Trish’s kids had challenges. Through study, interviews with experts, and trying things, Trish found and created techniques to help her own kids become their best selves and to supercharge her students’ learning. Now she helps other parents raise successful kids and educators improve their student’s mental health and learning.

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Three Key Points:

As multi-dimensional beings, it is so important for us to understand how we exist in the different dimensions. How we operate in the different vibrations is significantly instrumental in our experiences. The tendency is for us to concentrate on one area and not bring them all together.

In our 3rd dimensional lives, we sometimes see these has having only one way. The truth is there are many ways. When we have the opportunity to learn and experience new ways, we open up opportunities for ourselves to grow and expand. As adults and especially as parents we can also help our children in finding their way.

There are no mistakes or coincidences in our universe. Everything that happens brings a gift. The pandemic has given us an opportunity to have a very positive outcome for mental health, everyone’s brain power and kids’ learning.

Show Notes:

3:14 – Meet Trisha and how she became apparent and then moved into the world of brain health and super charging learning.

7:22 – Her children were a wake up and moved her into understanding how to help herself, her children and others.

11:29 – Trish shares what parents need to know in understanding the brain to help their children.

14:47 – It doesn’t matter the age, many children our having negative self talk and formed beliefs that are challenging the family.

17:27 – Learn how it is important to understand that it isn’t about fixing our children, it is learning as parents to change our own beliefs.

18:53 – Trish shares what she needed to experience to help her family and then other parents as a coach.

22:51 – Trish reassures us that even if we think it might be for others and not us, we can use this brain awareness and exercise to help ourselves and our families.

26:52 – Learn how the work Trish shares has made monumental differences in the lives of so many families and children.

30:22 – Trish shares guidance that can change your life. “Fix the problem, not the blame.”

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