159: Universal Love with Deshun Edwards

Join us for the latest episode of The Miracle You with our host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles.  In this episode Vince discusses with his special guest Deshun Edwards, better know as Chef Definition, the importance of love and community in our lives. Chef also shares it is important to do our internal work.

Deshun Edwards

Chef is a personal and private chef who has his own conscious cooking show on AKASHA FLIX. He’s also co-host of the Minds Like Mine’s Podcast.

Chef had a dream to be a chef since he was nine years old. Family family has had a major influence on me when it comes to cooking, from learning how to cook soul food to fine dining, baking to grilling… food has always been an integral part of my existence. Throughout the years, he has been inspired by multiple cultures, techniques and individuals who have helped him in the development of my cooking style. He had the honor of serving our country in the Navy and cooking for former president Bill Clinton.

My mission is to provide high quality food and service that’s deeply rooted in culinary excellence. I take pride in using the best ingredients while infusing my signature flavor into every meal. Cooking is more than a career for me, it’s an art form that allows me to be free. This is my passion and I’m honored to share it with you.

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Three Key Points:

Understanding energy and vibration is so important in our journeys. It is all about vibration and the highest vibration is love.

There are times in our live where we have to see the lower vibrations so we can once again move Tinto the higher vibrations again. In our darkest hours our angels are there. They may look like our children or our best friend.

When learn to love ourselves, every part of us, we open ourselves to being able to love others unconditionally. Support each other in stepping into the highest vibrations.

Show Notes:

4:06 – Chef Definition tells about his life growing up and how he became a chef and how much he enjoyed.

6:35 – I ask to share what people would get from him or about him because of his physical presence.

8:54 – Chef shares what opened his up to spirituality and why it fits who he is in every aspect of his life.

11:43 – He shares his perception of what is common in religion and his thoughts on spirituality.

12:45 – Chef shares how he is supported by the universe and how he gets his messages.

15:12 – Chef shares his understanding and awareness of the triggers in his life and how he stuffed his trauma inside of him.

17:18 – Learn how Chef picked himself up during his darkest hours after the death of his wife and cousin.

19:27 – Chef tells us how he and his best friend came together to bring people with like minds together to help with the experience that they have been through.

21:51 – Why is he in the world and what difference is he here to make in the world and where did that knowingness come from.

24:12 – Food brings all of his gifts and talents to the world in a way he can bring cultures together.

25:54 – We talk about that we are all alike and the things that have come between us.

27:26 – Learn how we will move into the we consciousness when we start to strip away what is keeping us stuck.

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