162: Key Performance with Jeff Smith

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Jeff Smith as they discuss the importance of key performance indicators in your business and your life. Jeff shares his story around finding his passion and helping people using it.

Jeff Smith

Jeff is affectionately known as “The KPI Guy” because he’s written 7 international #1 best-selling books on Key Performance Indicators and Business Management and is on record as the most successful author in history on the subject .

Throughout his career, he’s worked with, and is trusted by Royal families, Governments of different countries and Senior Executives in the largest companies in the world.

Jeff is particularly admired in the international business arena because he has the amazing ability to explain complex business strategies into jargon-busting plain English that everyone understands; even where English is not the first language.

His plain speaking, no nonsense approach allows him to excel with groups of people with mixed abilities and varying levels of experience. He engages the audience extremely quickly because there’s no blue-sky thinking in any of his presentations, he get’s straight to the point with high-value, totally relevant and outstanding practical solutions that work in the real world.

He loves getting people to think differently, he introduces new paradigms to simulate questions and challenges the rules of conventional wisdom. He’s often voted as “best speaker” because he’s the master of audience engagement and his speaking style is always “Fun with a Serious Intent”.

Jeff’s world-wide reputation is such that delegates will often attend training courses and conferences just because he’s speaking at the event and this is because he’s well-known for providing the ultimate high-value content where you will always take something away to implement into your business.

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Email:  jeff@jeff-smith.com

Three Key Points:

We are amazing creators. We are creating all the time with our thoughts and feelings. It is important to know exactly what we want and be specific about it so we can truly attract and manifest what we want.

In every aspect of our lives we have ways to tell if we are on track or walking the straightest path. In business these are called Key performance indicators. They can make the difference between a high performing company and a mediocre one.

We have key performance indicators in our lives. Our emotions are a communication system that tells us if we are on track. Our emotions tell us when and where we are not in alignment. They help us see why we aren’t creating the life we want, or where we are creating it.

Show Notes:

3:57 – Meet Jeff Smith as he shares more about who he is and how he shares with others.

14:25 – Jeff shares with us the things that happened in his life to get his attention and encouraged him to be more.

18:16 – Learn how to use Key Performance Indicators to help them live their life more fully or in alignment with the life they are meant to live.

24:34 – Jeff shares the importance of knowing what you want and concentrating on it.

27:25 – We learn about how difficult it is to move beyond relationships that aren’t serving us.

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