163: Conscious Creating with RL Malpica

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles interviews RL Malpica. Vince and Rl discuss creating and the affects of the relationships in our lives have on it. Learn Rl’s story and what he is sharing with his clients.

RL Malpica

RL is a conscious content creator, spiritual mentor, and creator/founder of the conscious video streaming platform AKASHA FLIX. His path has led him to mentoring and guiding those who are searching for their true purpose in life and finding their authentic-self. 

Through inner-work and the implementation of mindful habits, he helps individuals bridge the gap between a conditioned mind and oneness.

“If you can’t trust everything, you have to question everything…” That quote is the foundation of my path. The more he asks questions, the more he realizes that the truth has been suppressed.. which conjures up the most important question of all.. why? He has made it his life-long journey to find the answers and be a vessel for those who find themselves lost.

His philosophy is that There are 4 pillars of enlightenment: Breaking the Conditioning, Healthy Terrain, Oneness, Spirituality

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Three Key Points:

Life’s circumstances, experiences and choices us help us develop or define what we believe as true.  Many times we are influenced by others especially at our youngest ages.

Our truth is just that our truth. There be others that hold that truth, but there will be many that don’t hold our truth. Their education, experiences and perception are different than ours.  

Our truth is real for us and theirs is real for them.  It is important to know that each Truth is “true” for the person that holds it. One truth is no more right or wrong. It is each individuals truth and we must allow others to have their truths without judgment.

Show Notes:

4:22 – RL Malpica share more about himself and what his purpose is in life.

5:47 – Learn what wok RL up and moved him along his journey. A broken heart opened his eyes and his heart.

10:19 – A powerful friendship and the willingness to trust an older mentor was extremely important in RL’s growth.

11:49 – New thoughts and questions give us the opportunity to learn more about the different beliefs in the world.

13:21 – RL shares how his journey had its challenges and being open to new ways forced a new awareness.

15:33 – RL shares his interest in religions and his experience that have formed his life.

19:15 – RL shares his definition of truth and the importance of understanding we all have our own individual truths.

21:00 – Get RL’s perspective on believing there can only be one truth.

23:53 – The ability to choose is our right and I recommend that you are willing to open yourself to new things and then choose what works for you.

24:43 – Learn the Four Pillars of Enlightenment that RL shares with the people he works with and the foundation of his life.

27:03 – Rl gives us an example of the results that people get in using the Four Pillars of Enlightenment.

30:52 – If you can’t trust everything, you have to question everything. This is RL’s suggestion for all of us.

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